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Born in Swalmen, the Netherlands, may 6th 1953 and raised there.
Gymnasium at the >Bisschoppelijk College= in Roermond 1965-1971.
American Field Service student exchange program to Rohnert Park, California USA, 1971-1972. Graduated at Ranco Cotati High School.
Medical School at the Catholic University of Nijmegen, 1972-1979, thesis on breast cancer.
Since 1980 general practitioner in Tegelen.
In 1996 leader of the opposition to large scale community-government in the region.
Study of Theology at the Catholic University of Nijmegen. Graduated >cum laude= on a thesis in moral theology about the catholic viewpoint on euthanasia, 1991-1998.
Since 1982 member of the board of the Passion play of Tegelen, since 1985 as its president.